About HJSavvides Photography

Do you ever wonder how time flies or how fast things change?  When I realise how my precious little baby has already become a cheeky little school boy, I truely wish I could just stop the clock.  That's why I keep the visual documentation of his every milestones.  Our memories may fade away but I believe the photographys can preserve those special moments in time.

As a portrait photographer, my goal is simple, I aim to create beautiful pieces of art, by capturing the spirit and essence of you and your loved ones, so whenever you look back at the images you will have a big smile on your face, cherishing those special moments... 


Multi award-winning photographer, currently based in Newbury, Berkshire, UK.

Hee Jeong(aka HJ) is specialising in Custome Portraits for Newborns, Maternity, Toddlers and Families as well as Fine Art Photography for art collectors.  She is continously investing on her professional development by attending on-going training and workshops.

She is fully insured and professionally trained Newborn photographer for the newborn safety posing and an approved member of the Baby And  Newborn Photography Association(BANPAS), British Association of Professional Child Photographers(BASPCP) and the Guild of Photographers, all of which promote the safety of baby and children in photography and their members must adhere to their rigid "code of conduct" to encourage the standards and the professional development.

Born in Seoul in 1974, Hee Jeong grew up in a family and culture in which academic achievment was highly valued and strongly imposed.  At 16, she was sent away from home to Glasgow, Scotland for secondary school and later received a doctorate degree in Biochemistry from the University of Manchester, England. She worked in Manchester until she married in 2008.

With her husband, they have lived in Qatar and the USA, and during this time, HJ finally decided to follow her true calling in photography where she can freely express her creativity and passion. 

Living away from ‘home’ for so many years, and experiencing places and cultures so different to her own, HJ often found that letters and words were unable to do justice to the many things she was experiencing. She discovered that the best way to share and document these things was by taking pictures.   Photography became the tool to enable her to reach out to her friends and family at home, speak across language barriers, and provide a living record of her experiences.

If you would like to enquire about either your portrait sessions or any of her art photography, please use the contact page on this website and she would be delighted to hear from you!